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CPMR Extrordinary Results with Regenerative Therapy

Injection Results

From September 2015 to March 2016, we performed BioD/PRP procedures (most of which included 20-40cc of prolotherapy) on 90 joints. The patients ranged from ages 36 to 90, weighing 115 to 385 lbs, from moderate to bone-on- bone arthritis. Most of the patients, about 66% have severe arthritis or worse. Of the 90 joints, about 80% consisted of knees, including 15 bilateral knee patients, followed by shoulders, hips and ankle. There were 6 patients who first tried BioD therapy on one joint and seeing good results, then returned for treatment on another joint. Many patient referrals were by word of mouth, from family or friends. Of the 61 joints which we have seen in follow-up appointments, only 4 patients/joints have experienced less than 20% subjective improvement, either in pain reduction or functional score, with vast majority (93%) have had more than 20% improvement and 70% of which have had 50-100% improvement, which is statistically significant.

- Cynthia Hsieh, PhD

Knee Pain - Tendonitis

The Xray for this client showed severe, Stage 4 degenerative joint disease and ultrasound exam on 3/1/16 showed tendinitis (as below) with medial & lateral meniscus degenerative tear. He experienced over-night pain relief after single treatment of CPMR's comprehensive regenerative injections on 3/8/16. He has been doing well ever since with no right knee pain. Repeat ultrasound and X-ray, two months later, on 5/9/16 revealed significant improvement in resolving tendinitis in quadriceps and patellar tendons and from Stage 4 to Stage 2 degenerative joint disease as below.

Before & After Regenerative Therapy
Note the "bone on bone" before is alleviated with new cartilage growth after Regenerative Therapy.
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