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Case 1: Shoulder Pain - Rotator Cuff Tear

Trudy is a very active lady who had chronic right shoulder pain, history of rotator cuff surgery in 2010 with frozen shoulder. MRI revealed multiple abnormalities in her right shoulder rotator cuff tendons; she also has a possible partial to full thickness tear in the right supraspinatus tendon and subdeltoid bursitis from the ultrasound exam. She tried Regenerative therapies with PRP(platelet rich plasma) and Prolotherapy to her right shoulder in our office. The PRP procedure itself was non invasive and has healed her shoulder. She was able to return to her normal daily activities in a month from the date of her PRP injection. She began to notice a real difference in her range of motion and pain level after 6 weeks of physical therapy. The follow-up ultrasound exam showed complete healing in her supraspinatus tendon. This procedure is a miracle and she recommends this to anyone who qualifies for this procedure. The entire experience has been positive to her and she is very pleased with the result and Trudy really appreciates Dr. Li’s skills and ability as a physician.


Case 2: Severe Knee Injury - ACL tear, Meniscus tear and "bone to bone" arthritis healed by one time combined regenerative therapies without surgery.

John is a pleasant gentleman who has had left knee pain after a large object fell on his knee 10 years ago. While he tried to maintain his aggressive work schedule, he found himself almost “passing out” from the agonizing pain on a daily basis. He had to wear knee braces everyday and limping around and struggle with going up and down the stairs. His MRI showed full thickness ACL tear, medial and lateral meniscal degenerative tears and end stage or bone on bone arthritis. Traditionally, his only options are knee replacement surgery or going for permanent disability from his highly physical demanding job. The practice carefully reviewed his medical records and MRI and after an extensive evaluation, decided that he is a good candidate for regenerative therapy to make him a naturally new knee joint and repair cartilage and ligament injuries.

John received the PRP treatment in November 2015, and by mid-December 2015, his knee pain has totally resolved. He has been walking without brace and he is excited to go back to work full time without any restrictions. John’s overall progress has been excellent and, at this point, he couldn't be happier that he chose the non-invasive regenerative PRP procedure over invasive knee replacement surgery. Please click the video below to hear what his family said about this exciting newest treatment for knee arthritis and meniscus tear.


Case 3: Shoulder Pain - Rotator Cuff Tear

Michael, a pharmacist with severe right should pain for two years, had right should surgery 10 years ago for rotate cuff repair. MRI reported recurrent full-thickness far anterior supraspinatus tendon tear. He was offered another shoulder surgery again. Due to the significant amount of downtime associated with the surgery, he decided to pursue Regenerative therapies with PRP(platelet rich plasma) injection from Dr. Li as the alternative treatment followed by a course of physical therapy. 2 months after the PRP injection, he has absolutely no shoulder pain and regained full range for motion and he even got medical clearance for enrollment for IL air national guard.



Case 4: Shoulder Pain - Torn Rotator Cuff resolved with regenerative therapy without surgery

Alan is 69 years old very active gentleman. He used to do daily weight lifting exercises until two years ago when he torn his left shoulder rotator cuff tendons and labrum. He had severe pain with using his left arm, the pain woke him up from sleep. He has tried numerous physical therapy , took Ibuprofen and got cortisone shot without any success. With his friend’s recommendation, he went to CPMR/ Midwest Joint Pain Institute in September 2018.  Two months later, in November 2018, he is shoulder pain free and was instructed to start his daily exercises again. He is no longer need therapy or taking any pain medications.


Case 5: End Stage of Knee Arthritis Pain Resolved by Regenerative Therapies

Gerald is a retired lawyer who has right knee pain for more than 10 years after having knee surgery. He had to retire early due to severe knee pain from his end stage of osteoarthritis, he was unable to walk and using wheelchair for mobility. He decided to seek our regenerative therapy as a conservative treatment to avoid further knee replacement surgery. He was hesitant at first but decided to proceed. Ten days after a simple, in-office regenerative injection to his right knee, he was excited to tell us that he started to walk around his home without assistive devices and experienced at least 25-30% pain reduction. Since it usually takes 2-3 months or more to see the full results, we are expecting him to continue improving in the next few months.

Update:Gerald reported 60 to 70% better only 2 weeks after the regenerative therapy and he said "My knee feels better and better every day. I cannot believe it worked so well, I am able to walk around the house without sharp pain!"

 Additional Video Update:On his one month follow up examination after right knee injection, he reported that he had no knee pain at all. In fact, he feels that he is nearly 100% better; he has been able to walk more and move more; he is ready to reduce and wean off his pain medicines that he has been taking for about 10 years.

Case 6: Tennis Elbow - Tendinitis

Stacey is an active lady, who suffered right elbow pain from tendinitis for several months. She could not play her favorite sport, tennis because of her elbow pain. Her pain interfered with the things she loved to do. After one simple Regenerative therapies with PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection followed by a short course of physical therapy, she was able to resume her favorite activities, especially playing tennis with no pain and difficulties.


Case 8: Knee Pain - PRP/Prolotherapy helped after total knee replacement

Bonnie is a pleasant lady who came to our clinic for persistent knee pain after left knee replacement in 2012 and revision surgery in 2014. After she failed physical therapy and other injections to her scar tissues in the left knee from the surgeries, she decided to try PRP/Prolotherapy. Just one month after treatment, her left knee pain is 75% better. She has returned to her normal daily activities without significant discomfort and states she is, “very excited” and we are glad to see her happy face again.


Case 9: Ankle Tendon Tear - Recovered with Single PRP Treatment

Brooke is an active lady who has had right ankle pain for almost a year. She has tried rest, ice, elevation and anti-inflammatory for pain and none of which have really helped her much. Her MRI showed split tear of the brevis tendon complex type. Surgery was recommended but she cannot take off to recover. During that time she was thinking what course to take, she heard about PRP (platelet rich plasma) with Jeff Robbins at Essential Wellness Pharmacy. After researching, she realized this seemed the best way to go with no time lost for work. Two months after PRP she came back to our clinic and she was 100% pain free. Her recovery was extremely easy and quicker than expected. She loves the holistic aspect of it with no drugs; no cortisone and letting the body heal itself with a quick recovery. She would highly recommend it to others!


Case 10: Back Pain - Annular Disc Tear

Ms. Shay is a 41 years old female who came to our clinic searching for alternative treatment for her lower back pain after failing conservative treatments. She completed 3 series of Prolotherapy and one PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). Two months after we did the PRF, she came to our clinic and was very grateful that her lower back pain is completely gone.

After an early morning 5 mile training run I started developing the severe pain of bulging discs. I went from training for a Half Marathon to the diagnosis of bulging discs and annular disc tears. The pain affected not only my physical activities, but also my day to day life. I was unable to sit in a car for very long or walk a great distance. I tried many different treatments and strengthening exercises that lessened the pain, but nothing took it away completely. After meeting with Dr. Li she suggested the PRF Stem Cell Treatment. Three weeks after the injection I was able to run half a mile pain free. After not being able to run for eleven months I have been able to start the process of returning to running and future marathon training. PRF is the reason I am able to run today and I would strongly recommend these injections to anyone suffering from chronic back pain.


Case 10: Knee Pain - Cartilage Loss and Meniscus Tear

Dan, a Caterpillar engineer, had had right knee pain and difficulty with going upstairs for many years from remote sport injury. MRI reported significant cartilage loss and meniscus tear. He underwent a course of Regenerative therapies with prolotherapy and a PRP injection to the knee joint from Dr. Li at CPMR last year, he has been knee pain free and enjoys playing tennis everyday.


Case 11: Knee Pain - Solved with one regenerative therapy without surgery or downtime.

Frank is a gentleman who has had severe “bone on bone” arthritis in both knees for several years, to the point that he had difficulty walking and going up and down the stairs. He had tried but failed cortisone injection, anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications, physical therapy with orthopedics. He was told the only options left would be total knee replacement surgery. Due to his other medical problems, he did not want to pursue invasive knee surgeries. He chose to try regenerative therapy along with Prolotherapy as a conservative and alternative treatment. In December 2015, he underwent the in-office procedure at CPMR with Dr. Li’s regenerative therapy team. The procedure only lasted one hour. One month after the procedure, he reported he has 90% pain relief in both knees and started walking around the house without assistive devices. Please watch his insightful video.

Case 12: Wrist Pain - Tendonitis

Don, a restaurant owner, had right wrist pain from tendon sprain. He had tried traditional treatments with rest, ice, and taking anti-inflammation medications without success. He was referred to Dr.Li for Regenerative therapies with Prolotherapy, PRP. After two short treatments of prolotherapy to wrist flexor tendons, he had over 90% pain relief.


Case 13: Frozen Shoulder - SLAP Tear, Degenerative Joint Disease

Larry, a music conductor, had several years of shoulder pain and frozen shoulder that failed many conventional treatments, such as steroid injections, physical therapy and pain medications. MRI revealed a SLAP tear, which is an injury to the labrum of the shoulder, a degenerative joint disease. After a series of Regenerative therapies with Prolotherapy treatments from Dr. Li, he has been staying pain free and returned to stage for conducting at several holiday events, see picture.


Case 14: Foot/Ankle Pain - Achilles Tendonitis

Kevin is a gentleman who suffered left ankle/foot pain and tendinitis from playing basketball. His x-ray revealed bone spurring in the Achilles tendon insertion. He tried rest and anti-inflammatory drugs with no relief. He had Regenerative therapies with Prolotherapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma) for his left ankle/ Achilles tendon and after 1 month he returned to our office, pain-free and I gave him clearance to play basketball again.


Case 15: Knee Pain - Meniscus Tear, Baker's Cyst

Andrew, a gentleman who works as an Illinois National Guard, had severe pain after a fall injured his left knee 5 year ago. His MRI reported multiple abnormalities which include medial meniscus tear, severe chondromalacia, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) degeneration, large hemaarthrosis, and baker’s cyst. I gave him an option of surgical referral versus PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma/Prolotherapy. He made the right decision of doing Regenerative therapies with prolotherapy & PRP (platelet rich plasma). After 4 treatments of PRP and a series of Supartz injections and physical therapy, he was able to do more activities without pain.



Case 18: Hand Pain - Degenerative Joints in Hand

Robert, a concrete worker, had developed constant hand pain. He could not open his hands and had difficulty with daily activities for years. He had to run hot water over his hands every day to get them moving. X-rays showed severe degenerative osteoarthritis in all finger joints. He took high doses of anti-inflammation and pain medications without help. After only 1-2 sessions of Regenerative therapies with Prolotherapy to his hands, his hand pain had reduced 80%, he can perform his full-time physical job without any difficulty. He was so amused about the result. He said “The injection I got from Dr. Li worth the best the money he has ever spent in my life” - Robert Payne



Case 21: Fibromyalgia

Marilyn is a lady who was referred to Dr. Li at CPMR in August 2010 by her family doctor for intractable chronic pain at multiple sites. Along with her depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, tendonitis, doc herniation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, she has been carrying more than 10 medical diagnoses for more than 10 years. After receiving a comprehensive evaluation and intensive treatments under a team of pain specialists at CPMR, she finally freed all of her pain and discomforts. Her fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and arthritis pain are all gone. In Jan 2011, she is happily celebrating her 60th birthday with a “brand-new body”. She said: “ I am ready to call my family doctor to take me off my anti-depressant and morphine pills.”

Please contact our office for more information about these or similar cases. Many of our former clients are excited about their cure and may be willing to share their experiences directly with you.

Pruning My Challenges

Pattye, from her Blog, May 7, 2012

I really feel that I’m no different than most of our readers. Yes, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis 16 years ago and have had to undergo 9 surgical joint replacements. After all of that, a ton of Physical Therapy, neurologists, orthopedists, injections, pills, creams, lotions, potions, and attempts at relief from my chronic pain, I kind of felt that I’d “paid my dues” and didn’t deserve any more. Of course arthritis is non-judgmental and can be an “equal opportunity” destroyer. Anyone can, and does get at least 1 of the many forms of it in their life-time, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be diagnosed with the Rheumatoid form also, recently. A close friend of mine in England who has spent much of her life in a wheelchair has a wonderful attitude and has learned to laugh at many of our physical challenges (in fact she has done many stints of volunteer work in Africa and started a “club” for the 2 of us --- “ACA” --- African Cripples Anonymous”!!! When 1 of my doctors suggested that I would have to use a cane the rest of my life, I decided that I wanted a cane that would “tell” people about me---since I’m a nature photographer, I now have 1 cane with a cheetah print and 1 with a zebra pattern! When I was diagnosed with my 2nd chance variety of arthritis --- she said that I was really “selfish” --- some people don’t get the chance to have even 1 kind! Some people don’t understand the seemingly callous attitude, but most understand that it’s a survival attitude for us. There’s no point in sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves and complaining --- we both TRY to keep a positive attitude (well MOST of the time anyway) and do things for other people. We’ve both discovered that somehow, when the pain is the worst, going out and helping others helps us cope with our own challenges.

After some VERY negative experiences with my local neurologist, and one ortho, who both claimed unless I took massive doses of narcotics, there was nothing else they could do for my chronic pain and for me --- I decided to take a different approach. After talking to some knowledgeable friends, I started hunting for doctors who practiced non-traditional medicine (no, not voodoo, but something that could actually help me)!!! After all, the Native Americans, most of our grandparents, and all of my adopted family in Africa have relied on natural medicines, healers, herbs, massage, acupuncture, meditation, etc. for hundreds of years. In many areas of the world, healers, and doctors who practice holistic medicine are now working hand in hand with more traditional doctors to help the patients. In fact, 2 years ago when I went in for my post-op checkup on my knee from a total knee replacement, my ortho was amazed at the rate my knee was healing. When I finally told him that before surgery, I was working with a Healer in Africa, he thought a moment --- gave me a big grin --- and said “Gee, it really seems to have helped!!!”

I have finally found a young doctor from China who has 2 medical degrees, has clinics in 2 hospitals in my area, and her practice focuses on pain management and rehabilitation (without pills and nerve numbing shots)! I realized that I will never be “cured”, but my hope was to find someone or something that would lessen my chronic pain --- make it more tolerable. I have 2 appointments weekly during which I receive treatments including deep muscle massage, some electronic nerve stimulation, manipulation by the PT, exercises to do at home (which are changed frequently as needed) and in the clinic, meditation, and a vast variety of other things. This is by far the most positive experience.

I’ve had since I was first diagnosed many years ago. I recently was on a photo-shoot in Michigan (I’m a photographer by trade), and was more than thrilled to find that I was able to walk on muddy and uneven rock-strewn paths without suffering the consequences! On alternative days, I go to a warm-water arthritis pool for short exercise sessions. All of my treatments are focused on strengthening the areas around affected joints to support them rather than returning for more surgery, and lessening the intensity of my chronic pain. A bonus is, that I’m now able to sleep much better at night and am not awakened by pain! We are beginning to work on my balance --- a major issue for me. As I get stronger, my doctor may be using acupuncture on me also. For me, 1 of the most exciting things is the positive attitude I’ve felt from this clinic --- I’m NOT a number, a folder, or just another prescription --- it’s actually important for the staff to help me feel better!!! I realize that this may not be the solution for everyone, but after many long years of struggling with deteriorating joints, falls, pain, and surgeries --- I finally have some hope --- I KNOW they are helping me get stronger. On my initial appointment with DR. Li, she informed me that if I just wanted pills and shots to numb the pain, I really needed to go to a different doctor; but if I wanted to get healthier with less pain, and was willing to work WITH them --- I was in the right place!!!

Yesterday, I saw a newscast about a disabled Israeli lady rower who had just won a gold medal. She stated: “If you look at an obstacle as an obstacle --- it will knock you down, but if you look at an obstacle as a challenge --- then you’ll do the maximum to overcome it”!!!!!

I love her attitude --- I love her thinking --- it seems to fit in with my way of living --- as many of you’ve heard me say ----- WATCH ME -------

Asante Sana

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